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Vacay Time!

by Glenda K. Harrison on 07/08/18

I can always tell when vacay time draws near. For one, my 'full steam ahead' mentality seems to come to an abrupt halt. Second, I can't think of anything other than closing shop. That's exactly where my mind and soul currently rest. If you follow me on Instagram (@glendakharrison) then you know my husband and I celebrated our 26th wedding anniversary at Disney's California Adventure...minus our sons. I must admit, at first it felt strange going to an amusement park without them, but once we arrived, we felt like our 20-something year old selves (the age we first met). The day was the perfect reminder of the importance of maintaining our spirit of fun and childlike wonder. In other words, life isn't always about the hustle. We have to include time of rest, relaxation, and rejuvenation.

While some may consider time at a busy amusement park a far cry from resting, relaxing or rejuvenating, it was indeed what the doctor ordered. You see, my husband and I typically have our sons with us (with the exception of a view small trips). It was he who reminded me of the importance of the two of us spending quality time as a couple. "After all, the boys are becoming men," he said.

So off we went to Disney's California Adventure - the less crowded of the two parks. And my goodness did we have a blast. Since we became parent, never have we gone to a theme park without our sons. Without a formal agreement, there were zero discussions about work, money, or any adult-related conversations. Instead, we talked about which rides to go on, Fast Passes, where to eat, deciding on cotton candy or Mickey Mouse know, the important stuff.

We both came back refreshed. You should have heard us tell our sons about our day. We were like teenagers again!

So, my Friends, this is my final Fragrant Pages and So What to Twenty blog posts until September 4th. I'm off to enjoy the rest of my summer, and I hope you do as well - you crazy kids.

Stay True,


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